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there, make sure you make the goal. >> that's news 4 "today." coming up next, the "today" show will be back for a local update. join us at 9:00 for the latest
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his fiuáu appearance and we will find out what happened inside and out the courtroom.
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what he has been telng investigator investigators. >> after worry and long lines for the vaccine, what happened to the swine flu? a lot to tell you about the way the disease progressed and what has been recommended now on getting that vaccine or not. >> did you get yours? >> i got the seasonal flu vaccine because it was right here on the show. >> i paid $18 and got the swine flu because they had it. >> i got it for my kids, but i'm unprotected. >> we will talk about the economy and pting people back to work. we want to start off with the latest from savannah guthrie. >> reporter: the shipping giant u.p.s. slashed 1800 management and administrative jobs, underscoring the bad employment and the labor department. they faced budget at 10% and 85,000 jobs walked. the rate of underemployed,
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people working part-time that can't get full time jobs is up to 17.3%. at an event to announce tax credits for green jobs, the president acknowledged the set back. >> the jobs numbers released this morning are a reminder that the road to recovery is never straight. we have to work to get the economy moving again. >> the larger trend is going in the right direction. one year ago it was moving jobs at a rate of 691,000 a month, 10 times worse than now. friday's labor report showed the month of november actually saw the first jobs gain in 82 months, but it was meager. just 4,000 jobs. >> the trend is your friend, but it's not the friend we are looking for. we need to do a lot better than that. >> cable and manufacturing and construction and the service
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industry. even government. >> the situation is so severe, we are losing workers despite whatever money is funneling their way. >> the unemployment rate could have been worse. a half million frustrated workers gave up and stopped loing for jobs. >> they are not actively seeking work and they no longer are counted as unemployed, but if they hadn't dropped out, the rate would have spiked up. >> aides expect job growth to return in the spring. other economists are not so sure. they passed a big jobs package and the senate will do so next and first we have to get through health care. nbc news, the white house. >> let's get more on the unemployment picture. steve, good morning. help me understand the numbers. they are swirling around. the unemployment number is at 17%, almost twice what it was.
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>> one is unemployment and the 17.3% is unemployed discouraged workers or people working part-time for economic workers. it's very, very disappointing. >> everyone is looking for signs of when the jobs will come back. i have to wonder if some won't be coming back and the companies have figured out how to do it with fewer people. >> that are is the case and always the case. some of those jobs are never coming back. on the upside are the jobs that will be created that we don't know about yet. >> wt will it take to get jobs moving? >> that's the question. what we had and the numbers show that the firing has declined. we don't have a firing problem in the country. we have a hiring problem. you don't have companies bringing on workers the way they normally do. that will take consumers spending and toughness among
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businesses that consumers will continue to spend. there is a lot of political and taxing out there that may be depressing job hiring. >> going through the numbers, one was the hiring of temporary workers. that seems to be ticking upward. is that a precursor? >> that's a good sign. you see that before businesses. they walk before they run. they hire temporaries. we had three at the timy months of temporary hires. >> you see the retailers did fairly well over the holidays, bigger than expected sales at nordstrom, gap, best buy, toys 'r us. those are big companies. >> with the cnbc survey telling you it was going to be a better christmas and it was, but throughout corporate america, companies are making profits and money, but they are husbanding
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that cash. the amount of money on the books, $820 billion. they are raising cash. they are preparing for that and they are not confident as well. >> amy and i were complaining about the cold weather, but it's hitting the pocket book. guess is up to 2.72 on average. >> the other way that gas hurts the american economy is through the psyche. when people see high gas prices, it lowers their confidence in the economy and you can look at gas prices and consumer confidence and they almost overlay. >> appreciate your analysis. here's amy. >> we turn to the bombing of the jetliner on christmas day. the suspect made his first court appearance to formally face charges against him. pete williams was there. >> reporter: u.s. marshals supported abdulmutallab in and
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out of the courthouse surrounded by extra security in a federal prison 45 miles away. he walked into the courtroom despite having severe burns on his legs caused from the device that caught fire on the plane. he told a judge he is taking pain pills and he was clear headed enough to follow the proceedings. a barely audible voice, he said he understood the changes and the maximum penalty. the lawyer entered a plea of not guilty for him. several hundred members of the muslim-american community voiced support. >> i feel like it's so important for muslim-americans to send the message that we do not condone terrorm and support terrorism in any way. terrorism is not part of our religion whatsoever. no matter what you hear or what terrorists may say. >> former justice department officials say he shouldn't be
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here and should have been declared an enemy combatant so he could be questioned at length. >> there is no compromise. the technology we are going to get is not as expeditious. >> an fbi official said he talked his head off and administration officials said he stopped answering questions after about 30 hours of questioning, but before he asked for a lawyer. the deputy national security adviser told "dateline" nbc started talking from the moment he was arrested. >> that opportunity provided us very useful intelligence. >> abdulmutallab's father was not here, he is a nigerian banker who saw his son was becoming radicalized. two lawyers were here hired by the family to observe the proceedings. nbc news, detroit. >> for more on the case, we are
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joined by terrorism analyst, roger, good morning. as we just heard it sounds like abdulmutallab did give investigators quite a bit of information, but can we trust that intelligence? >> you can never trust what a suspect says standing alone. it has to be corroborated. abdulmutallab told investigators he was working through yemen and that was right. he gave other information that the community was able to use. with any interrogation, are you getting accurate information and how can you act upon it? one point is treating him as a combatant. no guarantee you will get any further intelligence than the way he talked when he was arrested. >> the president's counter terrorism adviser said the government may offer him some sort of plea deal, but given his role perhaps within al qaeda, his training in yemen, he was
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willing to die. how likely or how willing would he be to strike a plea deal with the government? >> it's tough being the head of a 23-year-old nigerian about to face the rest of his life behind bars. the argument is you, abdulmutallab need to tell us morebout how they are operating right now. what the plans are and what other members of the network are out there so the u.s. counter terrorism group can do a better job identifying future plots. if he doesn't have the information he is not going to get a plea deal. he is going away for t rest of his life. >> you heard the president talk about the challenges of abdulmutallab. what are the challenges of the suspect like this 23-year-old? >> he was radicalized before he got to yemen and his time in london played a role. what the intelligence has to do is figure out how to identify these people earlier in the
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process before they operationalize. it's a tremendous challenge. someone can harbor anti-american views, but that doesn't make them a terrorist. separating that and identifying the key pieces of data that point it a person being a potential concern is a real challenge and it's tough. >> the president outlined steps and felt like the government needed to take steps to connect the dots and identify someone like abdulmutallab. what do you make of the president's proposals in trying to prevent future cases. >> one thing that is remarkable two weeks after the attack. now there is the report out where they are honest about the american people. it's important to remember this was not information sharing. it was a failure to look for the proper information. two things have to happen. we have t do a better job identifying resources to make sure they are looking strategically. al qaeda and yemen was a threat
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and they never thought that they could attack the u.s. homeland. second issue is better technology. you can't rely on human analysts to process this. human policy, but also technology combined to give us a better chance to prevent the next attack. >> thanks so much. >> you bet. >> here's lester. returning to a story affecting most people and it is of course the frigid cold from the silerra nevada mountains out west and down south to places like atlanta. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a balmy 13 degrees with the wind chill of zero. you can imagine in a city nicknamed hotlanta it might get dicy when it gets icy. that's what happened here and far beyond. >> look out! >> the dangerous weather spread
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from coast to coast withplanes, trains and automobile. bumper cars as icy conditions turned roadways into slippery slopes. like this 27 vehicle pile up in atlanta. >> you just watch and the next and you see it coming and there is another and another one. >> no one died here though a handful of weather-related fatalities were reported elsewhere. in the pacific northwest, wind was the problem. >> the wind chill is just painful. >> hurricane force gusts reaching 100 miles an hour along the river gorge separating oregon and washington state sending a tv reporter and colleague tumbling. >>. >> i almost missed my mother's funeral. >> reporter: 18 hours late after numerous delays including snow drifts. >> we were on this train eight
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hours waiting for the snow blower to come. that was the train from hell. that was a nightmare. >> similar frustration affected the not so friendly skies. hundreds of flights were canceled since thursday. back on the ground, resident his their hands and shovels full from a storm that companied a record 10 inches of snow. what might have been a nuisance for homeowners was a business for work crews. >> we were working from 10 to 20 hour when is it snows. this driveway took about five minutes to do with the proper equipment. >> here in atlanta it's not the snow, but the ice. unfortunately temperatures are not expected to go above freezing for 24 to 36 hours and then we will have to deal with the ice for another day or so. >> crashing cars and falling reporters. you have all of it. thank you very much. is there rein sight? bill, good morning. >> not today is the quick easy
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answer. the temperature in new orleans is 14 degrees this morning. even south texas, corpus christi is at 26. no one is spared east of the rockies. it's florida that has our attention. you are very concerned for the crops of the oranges and the strawberries. 31 in orlando and 35 in tampa. guess what. we are getting reports of snow and sleet from tampa to orlando. this is something that doesn't happen in this area. people step outside this morning, you have a good chance of seeing something you never see before. >> just out of curiosity, if i wanted to be warm, where would i go in the lower 48. >> go to los angeles. it was almost 80 there yesterday. >> why did i have to ask? see you down here in a moment. >> let's now head to the news desk where norah o'donnell has the headlines. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a video in
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connection with the security scare at newark airport. 28-year-old jang purposely entered a secured area at newark to say goodbye to his friend. the doctoral student has been charged with defiant trespass. they closed the terminal straning thousands of travelers. a san francisco bound jetliner reported a problem aboard one of two airplanes. they had disruptive passengers and heathrow airport described this as a security incident. friday's passenger plane disruptions had heightened concern over airline security. running out of time is what the somali pirates are saying about the british couple being held since october. the pirates are asking for $3 million to release the couple and if demands are not met, they
7:18 am
will take drastic measures. in arizona, richard anthony flores was driving while standing up through his car's sun roof. he was driving in excess of 80 miles an hour and he later turned himself in to police. finally, the san diego zoo needs help to name its newest and cutest resident. this female koala is all cuddles with her mom and zoo visitors are aske to submit their favorite names and a vote will take place. i was thinking of burky. >> for our producer. >> that's the news. back to lester and amy. >> it doesn't look cold like the rest of us. >> i like amster.
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>> bill is back with the national forecast. >> can you believe there is snow in central florida in. >> this is crazy. >> i was the weather guy for years and people are probably running outside to see it. it just doesn't happen. we have reports of rain from orlando to tampa northwards. the radar is incredible. the white is snow near ocala and big retirement areas. florida will get the attention and the rest of thef the countr cold. bosworth. good saturday morning. i'm chuck bell. plenty of cold air in place. that's the way it is going to stay. sunrise, about eight minutes away. 24 degrees, downtown. 24, falls church. 27, frederick, maryland. 22, damascus. 23, brandywine, maryland. windchills in the teens. it's going to stay cold all day today with
7:20 am
temperatures have not gone above freezing in nine straight days. today's high in st. louis only 17. it will be 19 in oklahoma city, but we warm it up from here. that's your chilly weekend forecast. amy? >> bill, thank you. we asked the question whatever happened to the swine flu? since it hit in april, the pandemic hit 50 million americans killing 10,000. millions have been vaccinated, but it has greatly decreased. we get an update from an internist from the new york school of medicine. good morning. after months and panic about h1n1, nearly 50 million or 47 million people were infected and the cdc reports that only state, alabama continues to report widespread activity. can we all relax? >> we canelax to some degree, but stay vigilant.
7:21 am
this is a pandemic virus and we need to be cautious. it's a golden opportunity that we have a bit of a lull to get vaccinated. we have plenty available. we vaccinated about 60 million. people should stay cautious. this is a dangerous virus. last week there were four pediatric deaths. >> ours shows 136 million doses still available. some areas are saying they have too many. >> you said one state has widespread. there about 11 who have regional and they travel abroad. if you are going to asia or india, there is h1n1 there. >> has it been effective? >> absolutely. it's effective and it's safe. >> moving on, obviously h1n1 is
7:22 am
safe, but seasonal flu is upon us. >> it will start in several weeks and 20,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands getting ill. the problem is that we almost don't have any vaccine available. that's scare to me. what happens is a lot of people got the vaccine early. there was tremendous demand and it's really hard to get right now. >> you recommend trying to find it because it's not too late. >> i would get the h1n1 and seasonal flew if you can get it. that's the best protection. i like the fact that you guys have the sanitizer. keep doing that. >> i see all of that. >> that's not only for flu, but food poisoning and all kinds of stuff. >> thanks so much as always. still to come, what were
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>> still to come on "today," unsolved mysteries we have been covering. what does it mean when they say there is a person of interest. >> growing speculation over big moves on late night. but first, these messages.
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yet another chilly morning here in the nation's capital with temperatures below freezing. good morning, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. here is a look at what's making news. the washington wizards say they are sorry and pull off a big win without their star, gilbert arenas, an apology for the recent gun investigation that led to the suspension of' roo nas. antoine jamison apologized before the game. it was the wizards first game since the nba suspended arenas. four players have been fined $10,000 for smiling or laughing
7:27 am
in a photo taken tuesday of arenas pretending to shoot teammates before a game. as to what fans think, most agree with the league's decision. it is going to cost you more to park in the district. this is the first staet you wat will have to pay to park at a meter. it will cost $2 an hour to park in premium, demand zones. those including adams morgan, national mall and gallery place. normal demand zones will cost you 75 krencents an hour. imagine if your hair stylist and all the secrets you share with him were subpoenaed. that's what's happened in the salahi saga. tareq and michaele salahi could be charged with lying to a government official in the case. they have subpoenaed celebrity
7:28 am
stylist, erwin gomez, who did her makeup that day. the stylist who did her hair was also subpoenaed. chuck will join us in a moment with a look at weekend forecast.
7:29 am
meteorologist, chuck bell, joins us for the latest on our freezing temperatures. good morning, chuck. good morning, kimberly. good morning, everybody. sunrise just about to occur. downtown washington, very cold. 24 degrees downtown. 23, prince george's county. 28, annapolis. 27, frederick, maryland. our forecast for today remains clear but breezy and chilly. thanks to that northwesterly wind, highs today will barrel get up to the 32-degree mark at best, back into the mid teens, single digits into the
7:30 am
shenandoah valley. tomorrow's highs, below freezing. >> thanks, chuck. coming up on "news4 today" at 9:00, the pooch who survived two weeks we are back on this saturday morning, january 9th, 2010 and we have an enthusiastic crowd on this cold morning. thank you for coming out. we will join them later, but inside studio 1 a, i'm amy robach with lester holt. a television commercial for kentucky fried chicken that is raising eyebrows. >> the commercial has not run here in the u.s. and wasn't meant for an american audience, but is raising questions among some who have seen them about
7:31 am
the impression it leaves and the meaning behind it. is it racially insensitive and e first time i was offended and you try to put it into context. >> the night shift moves right here at nb the jay leno show is in the news after nbc said they would make a change in the lineup. the latest twists, turns and intrigue all coming up. >> a bit later, she is brave, smart, and compassionate and only 5 years old. a young girl who saved her father's life when she thought he was having a heart attack. >> and adorable too. unsolved mysteries have been in the news and most notably the case of susan powell who disappeared earlier last month. in each case authorities say there is at least one person of interest. this morning we will take a look at what that means and first, background on the cases. >> arizona police named jack and
7:32 am
tammy smith of scottsdale persons of interest in the case of 8 month old gabriel johnson missing since december. >> they may have more information than they shared up to this point. >> the the baby's mother is under arrest after first texting the baby's father that she killed the child and then said she gave the baby away. >> i don't believe to believe she did it. i believe gabriel is is a live and well. >> elizabeth johnson signed the baby over and took him back. >> we are not the enemy. we are the people doing everything humanly possible to make this investigation go smooth. >> in the case of the missing utah mom, susan powell, the person of interest, josh powell refused to answer questions about his missing wife. >> he is still not willing to come in and talk to us. >> police have not been able to verify his story that he took
7:33 am
his boys camping in this area after midnight in a snowstorm the morning his wife went mising and now he is reportedly planning to move. >> he is not looking for his wife. that much i know. >> for the family of this 26-year-old model, devastation and questions about how she was murdered. her body was found burn and in a dumpster. >> i want answers. i want somebody to come forward. >> police consider paula's boyfriend kevin quinn a person of interest in the case. the couple had been accused of domestic violence. they spent paula's last night at this club, but he claims they fought and left separately. what does it mean when they call someone a person of interest. joining thus morning is clint van vandt, former fbi profiler. good morning. >> good morning. >> we will get into each, but give us the definition of a person of interest and what it
7:34 am
means for that person's rights with the investigation. >> sure. a person of interest is a slippery term. it came into vogue after the 2001 anthrax case. at the time the attorney general wanted to characterize a u.s. scientist who may or may not have had a in that. a person of interest i think we were gun shy to call somebody either a suspect or a subject so person of interest was kind of a politically correct way to say this is the person we are looking at and we don't want to give the impression to the media that we zeroed in on one person. law enforcement didn't want to get sued. we are looking at a ladder of suspects where we first call somebody a person of interest and then we may call them a suspect and then when you get to the subject level, it's the later two terms that law
7:35 am
enforcement feels an obligation to advise a person of their rights and they feel they need to get an attorney to protect their rights. >> let's talk about susan powell and josh powell, more specifically. he said he took his sons camping the night she went missing. he has been quiet and haven't spoken to police. that's a red flag that goes up. he is not selling his home and moving 900 miles away to washington state. is someone allowed to do that? >> they are, but what is the motive. we know he lost his job in this area, but to the general public and law enforcement, this is scott petersonesque. he was the idea convicted of killing his pregnant wife, laci in the california area. shortly ter she went missing, her husband was selling the car and moving on with his and
7:36 am
changed his appearance. it's like that chapter in the marriage had been closed. you see that same thing taking place. >> months old gabriel johnson missing since the holidays. his mother has a history of violent behavior and bipolar disorder. she is not the person of interest, but a couple from arizona is. what's the connection there? >> it appears she was trying to give the baby over. again, you see this maternal instinct two ways. she is reporting to the biological father she killed the baby even though the baby had been seen after she made that statement. here she is perhaps trying to give the child to someone else who wanted the baby. that child is missing and law enforcement said we don't know if the couple has the child. they have been interviewed, but they may have more information. you get to the point where you only deal with the people
7:37 am
closest to the victim. that's kind of where that person of interest term wraps its arms around the case too. >> clint van vandt, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> we want another check of the weather from bill on the plaza. good morning again. >> i wouldn't complain about the cold. it is not as cold in new york as it is in the middle of the country. who do we want to say hi to? >> matthew miller is in iraq deployed and he sent me and my mom to new york city. he is the best husband ever. i want to give hellos to ft. bragg. we miss you and love you and want you to come home soon. >> get home safe and soon. let's talk about the fridgeit weather. it's covering much of the east. things will warm up in the middle of the country. sunday will be
7:38 am
a good saturday morning, everyone. i'm news 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. we are off to a clear but cold start in the washington area. temperatures, low to mid-20's areawide. 24 degrees, nbc 4 in northwest washington. 25, martinsburg, west virginia. 26 degrees in cal bert county, maryland. windchills, low to mid teens. 16, downtown windchill. today, mostly sunny, breezy and cold. windchill in the and tampa. even kissimmee at disney had reports of sleet. that doesn't happen. temperatures only 35 degrees in dallasnd we will continue to watch the cold air just today. is it cold enough for you? if you want to know how cold it will get hour by hour, you will get that at >> thanks so much, why a commercial in australia for a popular brand is raising
7:39 am
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we want to talk about a television commercial for kentucky fried chicken produce and aired in australia only, but via the internet it is offending people in what could be seen as racial insensitivity. you can judge, but let me set it up for you. it detickets a situation in a cricket match. it's a lone white australian spectator with the rifle west indies team, all of them black. he thinks of a way of making them more comfortable by offering them a bucket of fried chicken. take a look and we will talk about it. kfc's crowd pleaser. a variety of chicken and tasty sides. >>oining us to talk about the
7:43 am
commercial, david wilson and greg is the chief creative officer from the ad agency. thanks for coming on. david, obvious the rub for an american audience is the notion of this black crowd with fried chicken and the stereotype with african-amerans. australian commercial for an australian audience. what reaction are you getting? >> you know, people are saying kfc, we understand this was australia, but kfc is an american corporation. that has such a huge african-american consumer base that they would air this anywhere is shocking. >> chicken from all i know is not a stereotype in australia. again, the ad was made for australia only. the argument is that there is a true rivalry between the australian team and that is why
7:44 am
he feels uncomfortable. >> this is an ad and perception is everything. you have to assume even though this is regional, this will have an international audience on you tube. i think this probably went and so many people have seen this with kfc and no one raised the flag about it. it makes me wonder what was kfc thinking? >> let's bring in an ad executive. from that argument, it's a why go there? >> i think that's a good point. is it racist? is it insensitive? most definitely given the fact that this is an american company with a huge african-american customer base. the question becomes whether or not it's ethically the responsibility of kfc to put this through the filter of the american perceptions. it most definitely is fiscally incumbent upon them given the
7:45 am
worldwide audience. >> we talked to the kfc people and they argue that the australian business is different. they pulled a commercial that was meant to showcase the great rivalry between the characteristic teams who were playing a match at the time. once the ad was shown outside of the cricket context, it was clear it was offense testify some and we apologized as that was ner the intent. the ad will not run again. we see all the time commercials made for local markets. whether a local television market or country. you can argue that there ads we run that might be offensive. where do you draw the lines? >> it's tricky. if we make the fact that what we are trying to do is run a responsible business, that's the master of our actions and our intent. what we have to do is put it through a filter that said it will be a worldwide audience.
7:46 am
maybe not constituency, but in terms of viewership. you have to put it through the filter. is it going to cost us as a company? the fact of the matter is that more and more of these things tend to diffuse quickly if they are insubstantial. >> let me run quickly. i want to ask one more question. here's the spot. >> need a tip when you are stalk in an awkward situation? too easy. a huge variety of delicious chicken and plenty of tasty sides. >> is the line it's too easy some. >> it gets me every time. this is what you expect. they fell for it again. offer them chicken, they shut up. that's how i interpreted it. >> i think the intent was likely to have been it was too easy because e chicken was so delicious regardless of who was eating it, but given what we know about what kfc and fried
7:47 am
chicken means in terms of the african-american constituency in america and it's an american brand. that is insensitive. >> good discussion. thanks for talking about it. appreciate it. up next, the latest on late night comedy after these messages. ( sneeze ) transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus.
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tender baby back ribs or a new pulled pork sandwich, and share a dessert. for a limited time, only at chili's. one of the headlines is at nbc and rumors that jay leno will be put book at 11:35. the latest from george lewis. rep jay leno friday night on the stories flashed everywhere that nbc said they are pulling him from prime time. >> for wouldn't be an easy move for me because i haven't unpacked from the last show. everything is back there. it's fine. >> reporter: it's no laughing matter with the 233 tv stations.
7:50 am
since leno took overnights a week, he averaged 5.34 million viewers a night. that dragged down the ratings for the late local news an average of 30%. since those stations depend on news for a big chunk of profits, they are not relationship. phil carter of the "new york times" said some threaten to drop leno. >> they c't take the low ratings and i think they imply that they would do something about it. >> for its part, they released a statement saying jay's show performed as we anticipated on the network. it has however presented some issues for our affiliates. the winter olympics start on nbc february 12th. that's expected to give the local stations a big ratings boost. it has been widely reported that after the games end, they would like leno to do a half hour show in his old time slot while moving "the tonight show" with
7:51 am
conan o'brien back to 12:05. another statement said we have the best comedy team in the business. we remain committed to keeping conan o'brien on nbc. at the network that invented late night television, maintaining the franchise is a big concern right now. >> i understand fox is beautiful this time of honey, don't touch that. we still need to get that all hooked up.
7:52 am
7:53 am
i'll call someone in the morning. how about i hook it up with my mind? >> still to come, how a 5-year-old girl came to the rescue when she thought her dad was having a heart attack. >> posing without airbrushing and without clothes. the controversy after these messages. #
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
what a beautiful shot. sun rising over the icy potomac. a few miniglaciers if you look hard enough. good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. saturday, january 8th, 2010. the latest news from the washington wizards. they say they are sorry and pull off a win. the apology comes for the recent gun investigation that led to gilbert arenas' suspension and four other players being find. antoine jamison apologized. four players have been fined
7:57 am
$10,000 for smiling or laughing in a photo of arenas pretending to shoot teammates before a game. happening today, it will cost you more to park in the district. new parking meter rules go into effect today. this is the first saturday you are going to pay to park at a meter. it will now cost $2 an hour to park in premium demand zones like adams morgan, the national mall, and gallery place. normal parking zones will cost 75 cents an hour. imagine if all the secrets you share in your salon were made public. that's about to happen in the salahi salon. tareq and michaele salahi's make-up artist will testify next week and the stylist who did her hair was also
7:58 am
7:59 am
good saturday morning. a little ice along the potomac. birds huddled in mass trying to avoid the cold winds. temperatures in the mid-20's. windchills in the mid teens. a bright and sunny day today. breezy and cold. highs today up between 25 and 30 degrees with the northwest wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour. another cold night tonight. more breezy, cold sunshine
8:00 am
coming up for tomorrow. a little moderating trend as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. kimberly, back to you. thanks, chuck. we will be back in 25 minutes with a local news update. for now, back to the "today" show. good morning. deep freeze as the country suffers through this long and dangerous cold wave. when will it start to warm up? >> call for help. a crisis at home for a 5-year-old. >> what's wrong? >> my dad can't hardly breathe. >> a 5-year-old that is remarkably calm under pressure. we will meet her live and you what happened. >> and the natural look. a model and former miss universe goes where most cover girls fear to tread.
8:01 am
where they are so unusual. today is saturday, january 9th, 2010. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." here again are lester holt and amy robach. good morning and welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. we were complaining about how colt it is here and i saw how colt it is everywhere else and i feel bad. >> not many places to run from the cold. looking at that model, she looks really cold. that's another story. coming up in the half hour. >> they are finally getting it. slow motion. we are asking how long this brutal cold snap willast dealing with dangerous cold this morning. not to mention heavy snow and 60% will experience temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees. for some it will be a lot colder
8:02 am
than that. our weather team is cross the country and we will have the latest on the frigid temperatures. >> not just people feeling the cold, but the impact on animals and what's going done for them. >> one of the worst things that can happen is problems with the heat. we have an expert to tell us what to do if we lose the heat or pipes freeze. his answer is coming up. >> we will meet a former miss universe making people do a double take. she has done against conventional thinking and doing something most modelwill never consider. we will explain. >> now you get my joke. >> i do. >> first our top story. the brutal weather. the team is spread out from north to south. we want to begin with nbc's ron mott in chilly atlanta. >> 13 degrees here in hotlanta with a wind chill of zero.
8:03 am
it's what's underneath the snow that is of concern. it's ice keeping crews busy. the chemical mixture doesn't work as well. we saw wreck after wreck after wreck. a 27 car pile up followed by a 30-car pile up on the east of town. we are not expected to get above freezing so another day of treacherous driving in the south where people are waking up going what in the world is going on? >> checking in from atlanta. thanks very much. >> now let's head to florida where the freeze is causing concern about widespread crop damage. in winter garden, florida, that's appropriately-named this morning. >> reporter: absolutely, aim. as many as 20 crops could be impacted as a result of this potential freeze. citrus certainly the largest. 40% of the world's orange juice
8:04 am
comes from here. nervous farmers at this hour. sleet in the area and teeratures around the freezing mark and the next two days will be crucial. temperatures dropping into the 20s and it only takes temperatures at this rate hours or more to get damaged. they are rushing to the processing plants trying to get as much fruit out of the feels into the orange juice containers as possible. amy? >> julie, thank you. now here's lester. >> let's go far north to minnesota where the temperatures have been well below zero. we go to detroit lakes, minnesota. janelle, good morning. >> reporter: the temperatures are very cold and also long-lasting. last week in international falls, minnesota, it hit negative 37, breaking a 30-year record. this weekend temperatures are not better. this is the cold spot of the
8:05 am
nation, negative 34 and wind chills are making it worse. snow has been a problem. storm this is week throughout the upper midwest closed interstates and roads. i-90 along the southern part of minnesota were closed and prompted the governor to activate the national guard in case of emergency situations there. despite the situations, people are not staying inside. they are venturing out. we are seeing skiers and snowmobilers and here at the lake, we are seeing ice fishing. they are able to bear the temperatures. you just have to add an extra layer. >> or two. thanks so much. now to the question millions are asking. when will it start to warm up? let's go to bill. good morning. >> good morning to you, amy. today is the peak of this outbreak. we turn the corner and it gets better. don't say that in florida. we have a cold rain and sleet mixing in. the disney complex and universal
8:06 am
studios and down to tampa. that will end as the temperatures warm with the sun this morning as we get mild. the temperatures are in the 30s. it's tonight where we have concern with the oranges. the forecast low temperatures is 26 this orlando. 26 in tampa and fort myers and naples could be below freezing. check out miami. predicted low of 34. it's not just florida. it's everywhere east of the rockies. the temperatures have been bitterly cold from southern texas down along the gulf. that's where the worst is this morning. amy and lester? >> thanks so much. let's go to the news desk for the other headlines from norah o'donnell. >> good morning, everyone. a jordanian bomber killed seven cia employees in a suicide attack in afghanistan. al jazeera reports this video next to the taliban leader before the attack. they have not confirmed the
8:07 am
report. the nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a jetliner appeared in court yesterday. abdulmutallab pled not guilty to six changes including trying to use an explosive device. the unemployment numbers of holding steady. they stayed 10%, but the labor department reports employers cut 85,000 jobs last month. the world's tallest building opened this week and hit two world record. men were base jump for example dubai's 200 story tower. the building reaches a staggering 2700 feet high. wow! that's the news now. back to lester and amy and bill. that's supposedly like two empire state buildings on top of each other. >> hard to imagine. >> because they can.
8:08 am
thanks. >> bill is back with another check of the chilly forecast. bill? >> not to feel bad about saying it was cold. it's all relative. depends where you live. 40 in key west. that's not cold to me, but it will be freezing down there. the cold arctic blast is now shifting down mostly to the southeast. that front is going through florida where the attention will be later on tonight. one of the coldest nights they have seen i good saturday morning, everyone. i'm chuck bell. clear sky. sun shy. temperatures in the mid-20's. 26, washington. now, down to 18 degrees at fort belmar. 21, quaico. 24, vienna and falls church. 23 degrees, germantown. high temperature, up near 30 high, they don't know where they will put
8:09 am
the snow if it does snow. clearing the roads and nothing is melting. the snow and ice is not going away. the cold spots, in vegas it will be 59 and l.a. is warm at 72. that's your saturday forecast. >> thanks. i have seen a lot of dimension of a cold wave, but some are not the only ones dealing with the cold winter weather. >> reporter: it's winter, but this is the south. our animals expect sunny, warm days. >> he is very cold to the touch. >> paralyzed by freezing waters, they are washing up on the carolina coast. they bring them indoors and thaw them out in warm salt water. >> at first they don't move too
8:10 am
much. the first couple of days they will start swimming around. >> this is home to a $33 million tropical fishing industry. the below freezing temperatures have wiped out 50% of the crop. >> these fish need 70 degrees to survive. >> the temperatures are below 60. at 57 you have a massive kill and there is nothing you can do. >> at miami metro zoo, the children is bundled and the 2,000 animals here. >> meet animal keeper jennifer nelson who said the birds are nodding at the temperature drop. bird like this one have been dealing with the cold temperatures. how are they doing? >> she is doing good. we got a nice handle on the situation. we have feeders and nets set up
8:11 am
for them, right? yeah. >> if a picture is worth a thousand words, this 9-year-old imp and florida native had about enough. spring can't come soon enough. for today, nbc news, miami. >> 10 minutes past the hour and here's amy. >> it's a situation that more often than not causes panic and confusion, but for one girl making an emergency 911 call, her calm demeanor and clear head helped to save her dad's life. listen to part of that call. >> what's wrong? >> my dad can't hardly breathe. >> hold on a second, okay. >> okay. >> how old are you? >> i'm 5 years old. we're in our jammies and we are trying to go to bed, but he can't hardly breathe. >> i will have the ambulance on the way. >> the ambulance are on the way. >> all right, savannah.
8:12 am
just stay on the line with me. >> stay calm, dad. i'm sorry sorry, dad. >> you are doing a good job. >> this is 5-year-old sa van sa and her parents are michelle and frank. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> frank, we are glad you are doing better and out of the hospital and looks like everyone is okay. take us back to that night. you were reading a bet time story and what happened? >> well, we had just settled down and started to read the story and i was on the first page and i was getting short of breath. i told savannah to hold on because i was having trouble breathing and i said give me a second and i waited about 30 seconds and things didn't feel right. i sat up and i said hold on again. i waited about another 30 seconds and then my heart really started beating out of my chest and couldn' breathe well at
8:13 am
all. i was worried because my phone wasn't close. i came into the kitchen to get my phone and as i was walking back into the bedroom, then it hit me. it just felt like a heart attack. my chest felt really heavy like somebody was sitting on it. i couldn't breathe very well. right away i dialled 911. as i tried to talk tthe operator, he couldn't hear me. he said a couple of times, hello? hello? i couldn't speak. i couldn't get enough air out to speak to him. so i handed the phone to savannah. then i started mouthing the address and she started repeating it and took it from there. >> savannah, i want to ask you, how did you know what to say? were you scared at all? no, you weren't scared.
8:14 am
had anyone told you what to do to call 911 before? yes. she knew what to do. you were at work at the time this happened. when you listened to that call later, what a sweet, calm voice. she was so concerned about her dad and maintained her composure. what did you think when you heard the phone call? >> well, i think if you know savannah, you know that she would be able to handle the situation, but in hearing the call, it really touched my heart because it was my family and became very real for me. i get emotional when i hear the call. we are so proud of her. she did a fantastic job. we had been practicing and she did a remarkable job. >> i'm curious because you were in the middle of this and panicked yourself, but hearing your daughter's calm voice, was it reassuring to you?
8:15 am
>> it was very. i was glad that she took it over for me because after i had the chest pains and couldn't breathe then i started shaking. i was shaking so much that i just knelt on the floor. i wasn't aware of everything going on because i was basically in a panic. i was afraid something was going to happen and she was going to be there by heelf. >> thank goodness. i understand your parents promised you a special trip. you can tell us where you are going to go? i think savannah wants to say chuck e cheese. >> it has been the most real thing for her. she doesn't understand what's going on. she loves her daddy and knew what she had to do and she did
8:16 am
it. all of this she doesn't understand. when daddy said he was going to take her to chuck e cheese, she understood that. that has been the highlight for her. >> that's a university language for all 5-year-olds. thanks so much for joining us and we are glad you are okay. >> thank you so much. >> beating the cold and questions about home heating in this frigid winter after these messages. there are as many paths to good health... as there are people. that's why nature's bounty makes a full line... of high-quality vitamins... to support every part of your body like... fish oil for healthy circulation and heart health, vitamin d for bone health... and co q-10 to promote heart health. go to now for a $2.00 coupon... and the path to good health will be even more rewarding. nature's bounty. perfect for every body.
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8:18 am
with frigid weather gripping the country, heating your home is for safety. with high heating bills and broken pipes, it's not always as easy as it sounds. wenswer questions on how to stay warm. plenty of tips from a guy who just flew in from california. that's a nice way to say it. >> i know. it is cold. >> it's difficult for a lot of folks and we know the things like keep the doors and windows closed and use the fireplace. if you had a pctical piece of advice. >> keep your family in one area of the house. close all the doors and you can concentrate on heating that one area. if the furnace goes out or heater goes out, if you have hot water, fill up sinks and the bathtub with hot water and that emits a lot of heat and use a pellet stove. >> what are is a pellet stove
8:19 am
in. >> it's wood-burning, but it uses recycled paper and wood. you can carry bags of these that will last for days. you don't have to transfer them out in the snow. if there is a power outage, it runs on a battery. it is a-saver. >> here'sicle whoa asked the temperature outside has not gone above 20 degrees. i have a furnace. what can i to do it make it work more efficiently. heating oil prices are going up. >> absolutely. they want to keep their furnace in tip top condition. change the filter out once a year. what that needs is the air to travel throughout the house. keep the filter clean. if you feel like you are brave enough, vacuum out near the heating element. a clean furnace is a happy furnace. >> this is something we should be taking care of. >> absolutely. think about it early. don't think about it in the
8:20 am
winter. getting a repairman is like pulling teeth. >> this is from peter in connecticut who said i'm going away for a week. i normally shut off the heat to save money, but is it still a safe and smart thing to do. do you shut it down and walk away. >> one othe most common times pipes freeze is when people goo vacation. i will save money there. what happens is when the frigid temperatures come in your house that causes major damage. keep it to around 55 degrees. it might kick on once or twice, but it saves you from costly repairs. >> heat up the room and open the cabinets under the sink. if they freeze and break, is this a do it yourself project sf. >> call the pros. if not, wrap a
8:21 am
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8:24 am
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8:26 am
if you have to go outside, you will need a lot of feathers to keep you warm. cold even for the ducks. good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. if you have to park if the district, new parking meter rules. the first saturday you will have to pay to park at a meter. $2 an hour to park in premium demand zones, like adams morgan, the national mall and gallery place. normal demand zones will cost 75 crepts an hour. the washington wizards win
8:27 am
without their star. first, they say they are sorry. the apology comes for the recent gun investigation that led to gilbert arenas suspension and fines for four our players. captain, antoine jamison apologized for last night's game. four players have been fined $10,000 each for smiling or laughing in a photo taken tuesday of arenas pretending to shoot teammates before a game. spr. >> imagine if all the secrets you share in your salon were made public. that's about to happen in the salahi saga as investigators look further into the crashing of the state dinner. they could be charged with lying to a government official in that case. they have subpoenaed celebrity stylist irwin gomez who did her makeup that day. he is going to testify next week. the stylist who did her hair was also subpoenaed. >>
8:28 am
8:29 am
good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist, chuck bell. a very cold saturday morning, indeed. 26 degrees here in town. 18 degrees down into portions of southern fairfax county, down towards springfield in the mixing bowl. 18 degrees there. 21, quantico. 24 degrees in germantown this morning with windchills in the teens. it is going to stay cold and
8:30 am
breezy all day today. winds out of the northwest. 20 miles per hour. highs today in the 20s. windchills in the teens. kimberly? coming up at 9:00, a we are back on this saturday morning, january 9th, 2010 with a look at the very brave crowd
8:31 am
gathered here on this oh, so chilly morning. i'm amy robach with lester holt. >> nice to be out here. it's 20 degrees. that's a warm up we are experiencing. >> we thank the crowd for being ouwith us. she turned heads for most of her career, but model and former miss universe is doing so by appearing on a fashion magazine cover without any touch ups or anything at all. going against the usual practice of airbrushing away about any imperfection. we will talk with jennifer hawkins about what was behind her decision. >> something no one anticipates. dating again after the age of 50. how do you jump in after so many years off? we will get helpful hints on experts on dating the 2nd time around. >> on todas pets, we have an all-star cast lined up to help us answer your questions. from everything protecting the pets from the cold and
8:32 am
discipline problems to the owner who said my dog is scared of everybody. how cute are these little guys. more than one of them will be adopted before the end of the broadcast. underdog to wonder dog. >> let's get a check of the weather from nbc's bill. >> that puppy was too small for that bone. whose 14th birthday is it? lexy and you are we have icy walt terse on the potomac. bundle up if you are headed outside on any period of time. alcohol an caffeine cause you to be colder. hot chocolate is my
8:33 am
recommendation. windchills still in the teens. showers up to seattle. overall consider this as one of the coldest snaps. we just about made it. that's a look at the weekend forecast. here's a look at the weather outside your window. 44 degrees is gng to be the temperature in florida. reported sleet down there and it has been extremely cold and temperatures today down in houston will be chilly. we will do the big warm up. tonight is the dangerous night in florida and freezing even in miami. it will warm up from there. the warm spots, nice to be in southern california. sunny and 72 and low humidity. doesn't get much better. if you have nothing to do this afternoon and tonight, how about a little football action for you. this will be fun on nbc tonight. today this is what they're doing. a big game. jets and bengals and wind chill
8:34 am
at tone 15. snow blowing, but it will be a cold nfl game. you watch one, you might as well wait until this evening. the eagles and cowboys and it will be cold, but they will shut the roof and make it toasty. it should be a lot of fun and a lot of good play on football. >> thank you. this morning we look at a controversial fashion statement. in australia a model and former miss universe made news about how she posed for a magazine. >> reporter: this australian supermodel jennifer hawkins. this month she is appearing nude on the cover of marie clair in australia, completely uninhibit and unairbrushed. she wanted to show off her real self. >> very few women who age will have the confidence to be
8:35 am
unretouched. >> for promotions positive body image, not always a good thick. >> it's fantastic when you can celebrate the women, but i also think sometimes you feel like you are missing out on the glamorous side. >> amy didn't want her pictures airbrushed. appearing on the "today" show. >> age suggest god a way of telling you don't have time to waste. >> when are they retouched pictures of "american idol's" kelly clarkson making her appear thinner, they complained. real housewives of new york city said it happened to her. >> what do i care? >> in germany they care touch. the number one magazine stopped hiring professional models and use real women instead. >> nearly everybody is a trend setter today. >> in france, the government is
8:36 am
considering a man on airbrushing. opting for the natural look. for "today," nbc news, london. and jennifer hawkins joins us from sydney, australia. good morning. >> hi, amy. how are you? >> i'm doing well. when you were approached with doing this cover appearing naked on marie clair, was your initial thought let's do this when you knew there would be no airbrushing? >> the decision to go naked on the cover of marie clair was a big decision. i shot with marie clair before and they are respected and a quality magazine. i knew they would do it well, but there was no airbrushing and that was daunting. >> what's interesting is if you were posed with this situation
8:37 am
two years ago, you would not have done it. what changed in the last two years? >> it's hard to explain. as a woman you grow into your own skin and you have more confidence. that was the reason why i did pose for marie clair and on the cover. to show women that whatever size you are, to be confident and say this is who i am. i worked har for this. i work hard. i have to work hard six days of the week to get to where i want to be. my message was for women of all ages and all shapes and sizes to have body confidence. >> the intention was to have a positive message that women of all shapes and sizes can relate to, yet what's the feedback for you? >> to be honest i always knew
8:38 am
there would be some negative and some positive because it's a touchy subject. body image. overall i had 90% positivity. that's because i affiliated the shoot with a good foundation that deals with body issues. also with women of all ages that deal with eating disorders. i wanted to raise money for that fountion called the butterfly foundation. it helps friends, families and people with eating disorders. hopefully it helps someone. >> even though your photo was not airbrush and retouched, some critics say who cares? she does not represent real women. she tall and thin and she's a model. that's a lot that most women can never achieve. >> but i think i'm a woman and i
8:39 am
have flaws and i have insecurities as well. for me to be on the cover with no airbrushing was a big step for myself. >> we appriate you taking the time to talk with us. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, playing the dating game if you are single and over 50. first, these messages. ask your doctor if you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, or develop symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start simponi™ if you have an infection. (woman) ask your rheumatologist about simponi.™ just one dose, once a month.
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this morning on today's relationships 101, dating after 50. first dates can be nerve racking, but what if it's not your first date, but first date in decades. here's one woman's story. >> my name is joanne and i was 16 when i met my husband. we started dating when i was 19 and got married when i was 21. the best thing about our marriage was the partnership and the joys we had of raising our children. we had a very good marriage for a long time, but sometimes you grow apart over the years and that's what happened with us. i was married for more than 30 years. it was really i think still impossible to predict what life
8:43 am
will be like other than it being different from everything that i had lived in the previous 30 years. i actually wrote about it in my your journal and wrote that i was nervous and scared and filled with promise about what the future could hold. because i had never dated in my life before the age of 52, it was in many ways like being in high school or maybe at best in my 20s. the emotions i was feeling and wonder figure somebody likes you or liked me. there two things i think are difficult about dating in your 50s. one is that you have to rely for the most part on the internet. i had several surprises including there was a man who i spoke with online for a couple of weeks. i never met him because before we had the chance, he asked to
8:44 am
borrow $15,000. he was upset when i turned him down. ultimately i'm looking for a life partner. having somebody beside you is the greatest thing in the world. i hope that at some point in my life i get to experience that again. >> we are joined by dale atkins, a psychologist and author of sanity savers. a best selling author and sex and relationship expert. thanks to both of you. anybody would ask for $15,000? what are the emotional issues of a woman over 50 facing as she enters the dating world? >> it's so new and different and does she have the confidence that she had when she was 20 or 30? another is that she doesn't want to focus on the fact that she is older and may not feel as attractive and her self esteem will be elevated.
8:45 am
as the women mentioned, the internet is not something we are that used to for dating. the whole forum of dating today is different than it was. >> with the internet, what she experienced was going to more of a random dating. i know a lot of people going to facebook because they reconnected with old friends and met new fends and extended the network and there is a few degrees of separation. the social networking. >> women tend on to out live us guys. women can expect to live 82 1/2 years. women are three times more likely to be widowed. the expectations are different. they are not looking for someone to have children with. >> absolutely right. this woman is looking for another partner. not everyone is. many, many women are looking for someone to have fun with and have a good time with and insurance things they may not
8:46 am
have experienced before. >> women are dating and sometimes women in their 50s are rocking it because they don't have that wish list and that checklist of the perfect husband. he has to be the perfect s in law to my parents and breadwinner. >> anecdotally, i see a lot of men who become single in their 40s and 50s and end up with a woman 10 or 15 years younger. what does that mean for the odds? >> first of all, older women may need to be more creative. one woman was athletic and into sports and started taking golf lessons and met a guy playing golf becau there a lot of guys playing golf. you have to remember there a lot of younger men in their 30s and 40s who find women in their 50s attractive and successful and educated and confident and a lot of those are forming against all
8:47 am
the cliches. >> they want to be with someone who is more experienced and feels goods about herself and the woman who has to get over the sense that i'm not that attractive and why is
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
this morning on today's pets, your questions answers. we are dipping into the viewer mail bag to address your pressing pet problems. here is andrea arden, host of underdog to the wonder dog. you have that s'mores? i like the name. very cute. >> available for adoption. >> he brought two pals with him too. so cute. i want to get to the questions as we enjoy the view. our first questn is from a viewer worried about the colder weather and his dog. george from minnesota asks, my new collie puppy loves to play in the back yard and now that the temperatures dropped, how can i make sure she is warm and safe playing outside. that's a big question this weekend. >> the most important question is dogs are not good at gauging
8:51 am
when they should come inside. it's important to be outside with your dog to supervise them and keep them safe. if it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them. especially with an old or young dog. >> is the fur enough? >> it's not enough. there shouldn't be outdoor cats. they are susceptible to being hurt by other animals and being stolen. they can kill birds which is not a good thing. >> we have another viewer question with the cold weather. alexander asks my dog usually goes outside on her own, but because of the snow and cold i walk her. she is limping afterwards. there is nothing stuck in her paws, but she is licking them. >> it could be the cold weather purting the dog's paws, but it's a chemical thing like the salt or deicer. it's important to make sure you
8:52 am
keep their feet clean because they can hurt them and burn their feet and if they lick the paws, that can cause a stomach upset or worse. a good option are the booties called paws. they are runner and you can use them multiple times. that's a good idea to make sure they are and not irritated. >> we are hearing a cute whining from s'mores, but a barking problem from lisa. my 3-year-old rescue is a constant barker. he barks at strangers and walking around the street. how can i have him be quiet? >> bashing is a normal behavior for dogs. it's one of the things we like about dogs because they alert us to people on our property. when it's excessive, you need to make sure you get it under control. it's what we call the shut the door deery. if the pet is barking out the window, make sure you don't give access to the window.
8:53 am
the behavior is being practiced. keep a dog busy we things that keep him occupied like the toys you see over there. that can keep him busy. >> thank you so much. a special thanks to the animal haven shelter that you mentioned are all up for adoption. anyone who is looking and enjoying, feel free to call. we'll be right back, but first these messages. breathe right, the small strip that gives you... big nighttime breathing relief... introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages...
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so you breathe even better. and now get two free samples... and experience a better night's sleep for yourself. go to to try new breathe right extra. and experience a better night's sleep for yourself. ♪ (announcer) right now, all over the country, discover customers are getting five percent cashback bonus on travel. it pays to get more, it pays to discover.
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good morning, everyon i'm kimberly suiters. here is a look at what we're working on for 9:00. more fallout in the gilbert arenas gun investigation. why his teammates are now apologizing. a hard nut to crack. the court ruling that could mean good-bye to snack time on some airlines. a story that's had the phones ringing off the hook. an update on bubba, the injured puppy who wouldn't give up on finding his way home. i'm meteorologist, chuck bell. we have a lot of cold sunshine. when is the warming trend going to begin? i'll give you a complete check
8:57 am
of the forecast. kimberly? >> those stories and much more when news 4 begins in l
8:58 am
what's eating gilbert arenas? the wizard star disappears from public view, how the gurn investigation is expanding to now include his teammates. a fridge it forecast ahead. you are waking up to another bitterly cold morning in the nation's capital. chuck will tell us if things are ever going to warm up any time soon. dig a little deeper to park in most spots in the district. "news4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. welcome to the 9:00 edition of
8:59 am
"news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. a bitterly cold saturday, january 9th, 2010. >> it is really cold, really cold. the wind doesn't help at all. >> everyone is wearing hats these days. you can't sacrifice your hair or anything on your head. >> the weekend may finally be here. so is the chill. folks are fundaling bundling up. when will we finally warm up? >> would it make you feel better if i said april? >> no, not at all. a lot of chilly sunshine to get your weekend started. a little bit of a warming trend coming our way. unfortunately, the esday, wednesday time frame before it starts to kick in. your weekend, another windy and chilly one. it won't be anywhere near as windy as last weekend. you look outside. live from our city camera views, we scan around the waters of the potomac. 26 degrees downtown.

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